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January 31, 2009


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Wow what a funny story...I wasn't laughing at your husband.Well actually I was.I think I will try this instead of someting I don't know anything about....


what type of vinegar


thanx alot ima try it i dont eat red meat cuz i get const. and i ate some i know i have to take it out its been 3 days. oh god im not gonna get out the bathroom either. but thanx so much i know it will work


I have read your recipe and will try it. I have a fear of colon cancer, it runs in my family. This to me is the cheapest treatment so far. I will try it asap.


I'm also going to try it, it sounds easier than some of the other ones I have read about.. thanks.. but what kind of vinigar did he take? and do you eat anything during the day, or just drink this?

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