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December 05, 2008


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David Bardsley

Orange oil is pressed out of the rind of an orange. To my knowledge Young Living doesn’t own any orange groves. So, who is growing oranges for Young Living? May we get a name? Are they organic? Does Young Living cold press oranges or does another company cold press oranges for them? If so, can we get a name? Do they sell their orange oil to other companies?

None of these things are, of themselves, criminal. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re honest. But the point here is that “The World Leader in Essential Oils” is just a middle man for the majority of its oils. They are Company “A” and want to sell essential oils. They can’t possibly grow that many plants so they contract it to Companies B, C, D, E…

There may be a very good chance that the oils you buy from Young Living come from the same vendor as the oils you can buy from another company. Young Living, is this true?

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